„Christmas Burger“ by Food, People, Pl...

„Christmas Burger“ by Food, People, Places


Habt ihr schon einen Plan, was es am Heiligen Abend bei euch zu essen geben wird? Gans, Ente, Kartoffelsalat? Oder etwas ganz anderes? Die Crew von Food, People, Places hätte da aber noch eine andere Idee, die sich sogar für ein ganzes Menü eignen würde – „Christmas Burger“ – schon mal etwas vom Oh Deer, Goose Bomb oder Chestnut Crackerm  gehört? Nicht? Dann unbedingt anschauen!

What’s new is that all recipes are creative ideas of our own. The only burger that is inspired by an already existing burger is the „Shrimpy Clause“. Helena ate a delicious burger with grilled shrimps and grilled avocado in London on a street food market at a stall called „Mr. Shrimpy“. We chose this combination as it is very common to eat prawns for Christmas in Australia (and probably also in other places around the globe which have access to fresh prawns). The other 6 burgers feature christmassy ingredients and typical dishes which can be found in most countries that celebrate Christmas. Of course some of it is very German, like our two Knödel buns, but we also tried to include some traditional Christmas foods from other countries, like the Panettone which we cut into a bun for the „Fire & Ice“.